Walk the Talk

I used to work with two people that claimed to be Christians and yet I had never seen such hateful evil people in my life. Ms M used to brag that she went to Grace Baptist Church in Knoxville and yet she was always so rude to people I swear she was evil thru and thru., People were always making fun of her behind  her back about her saying she was a Christian and how she was so hateful and evil.  Ms L used  brag that she was a Baptist preacher’s daughter and taught Sunday school at one time yet she divorced her 3rd husband because he was not giving her enough sex, and bragged her daughter was sleeping with several different guys.
So many times I wanted to say whoa you guys You are bragging you are Christians why is being evil and hateful and divorcing 3 times because you do not get enough sex and bragging your daughter sleeps around why would this be okay?  If you are going to brag that you are a Christian then walk the Talk people.

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